Happy New Year!

Today is the day! It is the first day of 2017 and it is my first official blog post. Woohoo!
As kismet would have it, ‘Julie & Julia’ is on tv tonight as I write this post. I choose to take this as a sign that I’ve made the right decision and now is indeed the time to start blogging. I mean, who ignores a sign from Meryl Streep and Amy Adams? Not this girl, no siree bob! If Julie can write a blog about Julia, then so can I…about design…not about cooking, no one wants to read about my ability to burn water 😜

So, for my first post, I am going to talk about my New Years resolution. I feel like writing it down for ya’ll to see will help hold me accountable. Remember the bulldozer I talked about yesterday, writing down my resolution on my blog will be the bulldozer push I need to make me actually keep my resolution.

My resolution for 2017 is simple, to stop procrastinating. That’s it! Not very grandiose or exciting, but it is what I need to do, so there it is.
I want to stop procrastinating on everything. I’ve taken a baby step by not procrastinating on my blog anymore. But, I want this to extend to as many aspects of my life as possible. Here are a few of the things I’d like to stop procrastinating on this year:
I want to stop procrastinating on my promises to be a better mom. I am constantly telling myself that tomorrow I won’t look at my phone all day unless the kids are asleep. Then the next day, there I am mindlessly scrolling Pinterest while my poor little ones are growing before my eyes but I’m missing it because my dumb iPhone is blocking my view of them. It is really important to me to make this stick. I just can’t procrastinate on my parenting goals any longer!
I want to follow through on finally eating real food and cutting down on sugar (this will probably be the trickiest thing of all, I’m basically made of sugar…especially Oreo Thins.) I am always saying that I’ll start exercising at least 3x a week. Other than the 250 steps I [sometimes] take an hour because my Fitbit reminds me to get off my lazy ass, the 3x excercise never ends up happening. No more procrastinating on your health Brenna, get your booty in gear woman!
I need to stop letting my fear of failure allow me to procrastinate on design. I want to do more design projects. I want to learn more and keep learning. I want to become more creative. Being a child of the 80s/90s, I am reminded of a quote from Miss Frizzle from the TV show ‘The Magic School Bus’, she always said “Take chances! Make mistakes! Get messy!” and THAT is exactly what I need to be doing!
So those are some of things I will try to not procrastinate on for 2017. Now, I’m off to write down my resolution on good old fashioned paper that I will probably loose in the giant stack of papers in my bedroom that I keep procrastinating on sorting through. Ah well, as Scarlett O’Hara would say “tomorrow is another day!”
Thank you for listening and being my bulldozer.

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