Favorite Rugs Under $250

I am currently on a rug shopping bonanza right now. I have been looking for rugs for 3 projects that I am finishing up for clients as well as shopping for some rugs for my own home.

My current clients are lucky enough to live in homes with beautiful hardwood or tile flooring. Let me just put this out here right now, I am totes jealous! I adore hardwood flooring and absolutely 100000% despise carpeting. So what do I have in my apartment? Carpeting of course, and is this carpeting fabulous for my two children and two cats? Well, if you ask them they would probably say yes because they get the joy of watching me down on my hands and knees scrubbing yet another stain out of it on the daily. I’m sure it’s highly entertaining for my human and furry children alike. My daughter enjoys throwing her dinner onto the carpet from her high-chair (because who wants to actually eat food when you can make a giant mess with it instead) and my cat Billy spends his spare time vomiting up the cat food that he eats hoovers too quickly. I should have bought stock in OxiClean stain remover people!

Someday we will be moving into a house where I can decide what material is used for the flooring and you can bet your buttons that material will NOT be carpeting. The only thing that quite matches my despise for carpeting however, is my adoration of area rugs. Area rugs are saving the day in our little apartment because they help me cover large parts of the room where the most messes happen… *cough* wherever kids eat *cough*.

Since I have been doing lots of rug shopping for clients as well as dreaming about rugs for my future home, I decided to round-up some of my favorite finds. I chose them based on color, size, and price. I consider all these picks to be somewhat neutral in color but have good texture or pattern to make them pop. They each come in a size that is close to 6×9 or similar which I think is a good standard size for their price points. Oh and speaking of price, they are all less than $250 (depending on size chosen), which in the world of rugs is pretty darn affordable if you ask me.

Without further ado, here is my 9 Rug Round-Up:

Rug Roundup-21. Lappljung Ruta | 2. Marrakesh Shag Rug | 3. Peraza Hand-Tufted White Area Rug | 4. Bosphorus Wrought Iron Trellis Rug | 5. Ivory Moroccan Style Wedding Blanket Wool Rug | 6. Scroll Medallion Rug | 7. Grey Metallic Woven Jute Alden Area Rug | 8. Olga Area Rug | 9. Canton Salt & Pepper Area Rug

What are some of your favorite places to go rug shopping? Let me know in the comments because I’m always looking for new places to shop!



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