“I want a mustang! and a green car!” and other things I hear from the backseat while driving my kids around.

As any parent or guardian knows, one of the many job titles you have is that of “chauffeur” (unpaid chauffeur who has to provide extra services such as counseling, therapy, entertainment, referring, feeding, deliveries, etc. all while staying alert enough to transport your cargo safely from one destination to the next.) Since both my kiddos are still young, I honestly don’t have too much chauffeuring to do just yet. M has Montessori school 2x a week and O goes to Wobblers Story Time at the library 1x week. That is really it for events that I need to take them to other than random errands and doctors appointments. On the one hand, I’m thankful because I know the time in the car will just increase the older they get. But on the other hand, I look forward to those future journeys on the road and wouldn’t even mind more time now. It is so much fun to just take a moment and really listen to what they are up to as they are buckled into those little car seats in the back of my mini-van, throwing gold-fish crackers all over the place.


Here is a little expert from our 14 minute journey from M’s school to our house:

M: I love you sister!

O: luv ooooo!

M: I want a Mustang! and a green car!

M: Mom!!! Do you see that truck towing that blue truck? Did you see it? He’s taking it to the shop…it has a flat tire!

Me: I don’t see it, good job observation though!

M: Don’t worry Mom, if it comes back you’ll be able to see it. It’s taking it to the shop because it is having trouble with its engine and they are going to fix it.

Me: Probably so!

O: nack! Nack! NACK! NAAAAACK!

M: Mom! She wants a snack!

Me: As soon as we get home, we can all have a snack.

M: It’s ok. We will be home soon.

O: (sadly) O-kayyy.

O: Bintee!!! Binteeeeee!

M: Mom, she wants her binky.

Me: Sweetie, I can’t hand that to you right now because I’m driving, but as soon as we get home, you can have your binky.

O: (crying) Binteee!!! BINTEEE! (more crying)

M: O, you need to settle down now. You won’t get what you want by crying. If you keep being fussy you won’t get what you want. Ok?

Me: (in my head) shit! Is that really what I sound like?

M: Mom, I told her she needs to calm down and stop fussing and that we’ll be home soon.

Me: Thank you hon!

O: (winding down) Biiiinnnnteeeee. Nack.

M: When I grow up and am a big boy, I can ride on a school bus!!!

M: Mom! Don’t forget to turn right here or else you might drive onto the sidewalk.

Me: Ok. Thank you sweetie.


Thus concluded our 3 mile journey from school to home. It was fun, stressful, irritating and perfect and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Cheers and high fives to all my fellow chauffeurs out there!



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