Project Spotlight: Coleman-Scott House Master Bathroom


This right here is why I became a designer. To be able to work on stunning projects like this bathroom remodel  in a gorgeous Colonial Revival home. This was one of the first projects I worked on, I wasn’t the Interior Designer for the project, but I did all the styling for the space once it was completed. It was so much fun!


The Coleman-Scott House is a beautiful historic home in the Irvington district of Portland Oregon that was built in 1916 by architect John V. Bennes. The interior design and construction of the master bathroom remodel  was done by Arciform. They are masters at design-build projects especially on historical spaces. I was called upon to do all the styling which involved picking out artwork, linens, towels, furniture, etc. and then putting it all together in the space.

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These photos were taken early in the morning which created this beautiful blue light behind the arched window. Whether the lights are dimmed for a relaxing candlelight bath or it’s just the natural light of the day streaming in, it is the perfect spot for a tranquil soak in the tub.


I was so excited when I found these bath mats at Home Goods. The flooring has this charming and delicate floral pattern made with blue and taupe hex tiles amidst the white hex tile. I thought these rugs echoed the pattern beautifully and the color was meant to be. I also love how the gold tones in the rugs complimented the brass hardware on the vanity.


A close up of the vanity shows all the little touches which not only provide some bling but also functional storage as well. Finding storage that is aesthetically pleasing is key.


Luckily the homeowner had a lot of great antique pieces already that were just sitting in storage. I combined her antique pieces like the white tray and glass perfume bottle with brand new pieces like the mercury glass jar and tray. Pulling together found objects as well as brand new ones makes the space feel lived in and authentic rather than too “designed”.


I found this adorable glass canister at World Market which I used to display natural sponges as well as some decorative spheres for texture. I love the little bird perched on top, it became a subtle theme  I was able to carry into other elements in the space like another canister, some artwork and a storage box (used to hold makeup) on the vanity.


I love the pop of color and pattern that these hand towels bring to the space. The blues & greens fit in perfectly with the accent colors of the floor tile. This beautiful green glass soap dispenser was a great find from Target. I love that it has a vintage feel too it and it also provides some sparkle from the glass and chrome.


The budget for this project wasn’t huge, but a lot of artwork was needed, which can be expensive. To save money, I found a book of scrapbook paper at the craft store and used different pages out of it to fill all the frames. This is a great way to get artwork at a reasonable price. The scrapbooking sheets all coordinated and were double-sided so it provided lots of options for artwork that is cohesive and economical.


This bench was something the homeowner already had that was collecting dust in the attic. Pulling it into the bathroom provided a place to sit while the clients grandchildren play in the large bathtub. The accent table is from Pier 1 Imports and made a great spot for fresh flowers, a jar of bath salts and storage for a basket of extra towels underneath.


All in all, this was such a fun and inspiring space to style. The interior architecture of the space is exquisite. All the light that comes in through the arched window and the dramatic barrel vault of the ceiling create such a luxurious space. It was an honor to be a part of this project that I hope the clients enjoy for many years to come.

I hope you found something inspiring along the little tour! If you have any questions about finishes, fixtures, etc. please let me know in the comments and I will answer them as soon as I can.



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