“Namaste…on your lap while you try to do yoga Mom!”

Last month, I decided to start a real honest to goodness exercise routine to get my lazy butt moving and grooving. It was part of my New Years resolution, you can read all about that here if you like. So, I decided earlier this month to do a yoga challenge. I found Yoga With Adriene on YouTube and chose her series #30DaysofYoga. I just completed day 30 and I am so glad I did it! It was amazing!

I am not a complete yoga newbie but I have never really done it for an extended amount of time. I am also about as flexible as a steel rod, so this truly is a challenge for me. Little did I know though that the most challenging part would be my adorable little demon children. When you are a sahm and you have a part-time job and you take on a challenge where you need to work out for 20-30 minutes every day for 30 days in a row…you do that working out whenever you damn well can. Sometimes I’m able to squeak a session in during nap time, other times I am able to muster up the energy to workout once they are asleep for the night, but mostly I just do my yoga whilst my kiddos act like wild monkeys and make the most noise they can running around my yoga mat. Zen it is not.

Typical yoga sesh; four-year old mimics mom while the one year old just wanders aimlessly.

Even though it creates a little more noise and chaos than one would probably want during whats supposed to be a time for meditation and reflection, it is actually kind of fun to have them around during my practices. Occasionally one or both kids will do yoga with me and that makes my day. Generally when I say, “Ok guys, it’s time to do yoga” my son will go get settled in with his toys while my 1-year-old daughter will waddle over and grab my yoga mat for me. It’s so cute because she starts saying, “yo-go, yo-go” and will grab the rolled up mat which is as tall if not taller than her and roll it out onto the floor. Then she will sometimes dazzle me with a downward dog pose of her own before she wanders off to play with her toys.

yoga blog post (2)
Already rocking her yoga poses.

If the kids are around while I’m doing my yoga I will sometimes have to hit pause so I can break up a fight or get someone a snack. But mostly by now the kids have learned to do their own thing while I do mine. My 4-year-old will occasionally stop what he’s doing to watch me and then try to do the pose himself. This is followed by lots of “mom. Mom. MOM! Look, I’m balancing!” He does yoga in the mornings at his Montessori school 2x a week, so really he’s probably more advanced than I am. Speaking of skill and grace, I generally think of myself as a graceful person, I studied ballet for almost 20 years, so I have that going for me. That being said, flexibility and upper arm strength are two things I have always been lacking in even while I was a ballerina. They also happen to be two skills that are necessary for yoga. I am very happy to be working on improving them.

2    3

I am really enjoying this whole process of setting a goal and seeing it through. I highly recommend it if you are a procrastinator like me. It helps to just know that I only have to do this for 30 days and then I just take it one day at a time. Happily, since I’m loving it so darn much, I will probably continue doing yoga regularly, just not every single day. It is a form of exercise that is very easy to do each day since it isn’t as physically exhausting as running or high impact stuff like that. By the way, have I mentioned how much I hate running? I hate it. I hate it with a passion. I hate it as much as I love sushi (which is a whole darn lot!) This is one of the reasons I’m so happy I found yoga. Even though I am not flexible at all and look like a goon while I’m doing it, yoga makes my soul happy and I can feel myself getting stronger and more limber. Plus, there is no running required.

My view most times when I look up from doing my savasana pose at the end of my session. 

Finding an exercise that I look forward to and actually crave instead of dread is more than half the battle for me. So now that I have found my little yoga happy place, I think it will be come part of my normal workout routine. I hope my kids continue to practice it with me. Whether they are clambering around underneath me while I’m in downward dog or pulling on my knee while I attempt to balance in tree pose, I’m happy to have my little yogis by my side teaching me patience during my practice. I also hope this models some healthy habits for them in the future. So far so good, M like to exercise in the evenings with his dad. They do push-ups, sit-ups, rowing, etc. and M actually asks to participate which is far better than I can say for myself.

“Namaste on your lap mom”

Since I enjoyed this 30 day challenge so much, I’ve decided to take on another to keep myself on track. My next challenge will be a little more difficult, I’m going to do Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred. It is a dvd I have had since college but have never consistently used cause Jillian is brutal and I’m a wimp. But with my new-found confidence from my yoga challenge, I am feeling like I can take on anything, even if it is a bunch of burpees, broad jumps, and mountain climbers that make me want to scream all the swear words.


☮️ Namaste 🕉





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